Melléklet 2. –Táblázatok az elemzés szempontjaival-második lépés

 (Killing Eve – A gyerek munkája)

Aspect of analysisyour thoughts
Season arcRelationship arc: Villanelle-Eve  They discover each other, become obsessed, intense game of cat and mouse, in the season finale Eve “becomes” Villanelle Eve: Has a boring life. Wants more. Finds excitement in Villanelle. Takes advantage and stabs Villanelle (basically she becomes a killer, like V) and instantly regrets it. Villanelle: Works as an assassin for ‘The Twelve’, but has to remain under the radar. She loves that Eve was smart enough to discover her and that she took an interest in her. Plays the game. Becomes vulnerable around Eve, she underestimated her and gets stabbed.
Explicit messagesThe government can’t be trusted
Implicit messagesEverone has something in commen when paired with another person. Even if you are opposites.    There’s a thin line between good and evil, everyone can go from one side to the other.
PlotAn MI5 agent (Eve) discovers that there is a new, yet to be discovered female assassin (Villanelle) killing people around the world. After getting fired, she is recruited by Carolyn Martens, an MI6 agent (she is the head of the russia desk) to track down Villanelle. Eve and Villanelle become obsessed with each other and start a game of cat and mouse.
ThemesGood vs. Evil —>Human vs. Human, Eve is the good who hunts down criminals, protects witnesses (at the very beginning of the show) and Villanele is the evil who murders people,+A1:C7(recurring themes: death, witnessing death, blood, colours, parallels)
Factors that influence interpretationCultural values, needs, beliefs, experiences, expectations, involvement, self-concept, current psychological state, situation/surroundings