Melléklet 4. –Második lépés (Legend of Aang, C gyerek munkája)

Aspect of analysisyour thoughts
Season arcSeason one of Avatar the Last Airbender is nothing short of genius. In 20 episodes which are only about 20 minutes each they manage to introduce each main character in a very detailed and complex way. Even though each character gets a more detailed arc down the line you get very attached to Katara, Aang and Sokka. This season is called Book one: “Water”, each season of the Avatar is named after the element Aang is currently learning/which part of the world they are in. This season focuses on the journey to the Nothern Water Tribe in order to learn to water bend. 
Explicit messagesEach episode usually has its own message or lession(unless its a direct continuation) but if I had to really come to a conclusion on a pressific message it expicily wants you to hear is that disrupting the balance of nature(or society) is not the only way of achieving fame. 
Implicit messagesThere are two character which relationship comes to focus every single time they appear on screen, this is Zukko and his uncle Iroh. the message they leave is that goals and dreams can be deceiving and following them blindly can have the opposite effect.
PlotTwo sibling find the long lost Avatar in a fozen state in the South Pole, Turns out the world has gone into chios and he his the only one qualified to create order and peace. The Fire Nation whiped out the Air Nomads and invaded the other Nations, the Eath Kingdome and the Northern Water Tribe. Aang being the Avatar has the potential to learn to bend all four elements(generally speaking you can only bend one or none) but he has yet to master any of the element except air. He sets out on a journey to learn all the element and defent the Fire Lord and restore peace with his new found friends Katara and Sokka his first stop is the Northern Water Tribe to find a master to teach him water bending. A bannished prince of the Fire Nation, Zukko chases them in the hopes of that he can restore his honor if captures the Avatar for his father the Fire Lord. 
ThemesFriendship, good vs evil, comming of age, supernatural, power and corruption, Quest for power
Factors that influence interpretationIn the first season there is not much to interpret. The one aspect of the show and can be interpreted in different ways is how you see who is good/evil. What is the agenta of the Fire Lord and is the Fire Nations rapid industializion something that should be spread to the world?