Melléklet 6. – Artistic devices: Harmadik lépés (The Queen’s Gambit-B gyerek munkája)

Interpret the meaning of various artistic choices related to the following:Your notes
Characters: Identify what the characters have in common, as well as how they differ. Explain how main characters change and grow throughout the season. 
Lighting: Analyze the ways in which lighting is used to convey emotion and communicate with the audience.lihgting is often ambiguous and murky, implying, tension
Pacing: Decide if your series has a frenetic pace, a laid-back pace, or something in between those two extremes. Analyze how pacing impacts the story and the viewer.The show is usually slow paced, presenting scenes that other shows leave out (eg: chess games are rarely skipped) never skipping for the sake of moving the plot, the show sits in scenes, and soakes in the tension.. We don’t see glimpses of scenes, they are usually played out until the end, The show only has two montages, and larger time skips (a couple of years, since this is also a coming of age show) happen “between episodes” so Betty doesn’t age significantly inside an episode.
Plot: Evaluate the plot. Does your series have an ongoing plot or a relatively new plot each episode? Distinguish between what are referred to in the business as A Plots, B Plots and C PlotsThere isn’t necessarily a B plot (or C plot for that matter). There are multiple strands that reappear, inconsecutively, for example romance and romantic partners
Settings: Consider the setting. Is the setting static or does it frequently change? How does the setting impact the plot, tone, theme, and character.The plot itself isn’ strictly “tied” to a setting, rather the setting follows that characters, the show doesn’t give the sensation that they intentionally shot at as many or as few sets as possible. There are two main settings (based on duration and number of scenes): the orphanage, and the house Beth moves into when she gets adopted. But other places also bare significance, for example: hotels and convention that house tournaments.
Theme: regular themes like redemption, sacrifice, justice, transformation, etc.skip if you’ve already talked about this, but can also add ones you have since discovered
Other visuals: single or multiple camera and why that matters to viewers