Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket

Edited by Suzie Noe

Subject: Language Arts

Language level: B2

The children were asked to make their own chocolate, some made it from scratch, others melted and reshaped the chocolate. They designed their wrappers, named their chocolates and wrote the ingredients on the wrapper as well. One of the children was secretly chosen to place the golden ticket in one of the chocolates they were making. The lucky child to find the golden ticket was awarded more chocolate and a gift card.

The goal of the project was to get creative and have fun designing their chocolates and the wrappers and to work together to achieve a successful sale of the chocolates. They also got to dress up as their favourite character from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Hashtags: uppergrades, goldenticket, grade5, languagearts

Photo credit: Golden Ticket from Charlie and the chocolate factory. National Museum of American History. (n.d.).